Chocolate chip cookie Milkshake 

Milk 2 cup Chilled Nutella chocolate spread  2 tablespoons  Chocolate chip cookies 6 For Garnish  Hershey’s chocolate Sauce Chocolate chips Method Blend milk,nutella and chocolate chip cookies. Pour in glasses. Serve chilled with chocolate sauce and chocolate chip garnish.

How to keep your children busy without screen

How to keep your children busy without any Screen like Tv,laptop,I Pad,Mobile phones…

To reduce the screen time parents should Switch off the TV and any screen when they are alone with kids,or when you have guests in your house,or when you are having lunch or dinner.
Many moms use the television or computer to babysit their children while they do important things like take a shower or make dinner.  Sometimes, especially with active little ones, television seems to be the only thing to keep them mesmerized while you get something done.
Involve your kids, even the little ones, in your meal prep. They can help set the table, mix food together, and do other small jobs. I enjoy helping my Mama in the kitchen. You can find so many kids activities on my blog.

 Something you could do with one particularly active child was to fill up the kitchen sink with water and bubbles and let him play with a few of his toys in the water...
He will make a mess, but it is easy to clean up and he will stay …

Nutella coated strawberries

Nutella coated strawberries Just wash the strawberries,dip in Nutella ,keep in  refrigerator and have a healthy and quick treat. Kids would love this easy to make treat.

Cookie sticks decorated with M&Ms

Cookie sticks decorated with M&M
It is an easy treat that kids can make and enjoy.It is fun food for kids. Kids like smarties,M&M and bounties..They would like to have fun with them..I enjoyed making these decorative cookie sticks.
Ingredients Short bread cookies or cookie sticks m&ms or smarties Melted chocolate Method Melt chocolate on double boiler.Dip cookies in melted chocolate and put m&ms …let them set and enjoy,,,Have fun….

DIY unicorn sleep Mask

DIY unicorn sleep Mask


White fabric
water-soluble pen or a black marker 
Crochet threads


First of all, confirm the correct size, make the pattern for your mask. Cut with scissor.

In order to create the mask, you’d have to use 2 different layers of fabric. Pin the pattern to the white fabric.
Now, you need to measure down from the top of the mask and after that pin the elastic in place. This happens on the right side of the fabric first. Once you are done, make sure to repeat it on the other side as well.
Sew the elastic in place in order to ensure that it’s stable and it stays at one place.
You can use a 3/8-inches of the seam allowance and sew all the way through the mask. Make sure to leave about 2 inches of opening on top along the flat nose bridge.

At the opening left right along the top of the mask, you should fold the seam allowance right to the inside. This is the easiest part of it – just use the iron and press it properly to provid…

Easy and healthy Breakfast that Kids can make

Easy and healthy Breakfast that Kids can make
I think the kids should know that how to make their own breakfast.I like to make my breakfast on my own.I help mama in the kitchen.This breakfast is super easy to make for me.

Boiled eggs and Mango Milkshake
How kids can make boiled eggs easily? Take a sauce pan,put eggs carefully.Add water and half teaspoon of salt in sauce pan and put it on a stove.  Turn on the stove.Boil on high flame for 10 minutes.
Then take a bowl and add cold water.Take a spoon and carefully take out boiled eggs from sauce pan. Put them in cold water.Peel immediately so you can peel it easily.

Now cut the eggs from center.Sprinkle salt and black pepper.
How kids can make Mango Milkshake?
Ingredients for Mango Milkshake
Mangoes peeled and sliced 2-4 Milk 3 cups Sugar 2 tablespoons
Method Blend mango,milk and sugar.Take out in glasses and serve. Now kids healthy breakfast is ready.

What kids need to pack for a picnic in backpack

What kids need to pack for a picnic in backpack?

I love Mini backpacks.My Aunty gave me this cute unicorn mini backpack on my annual result . She knows that I like everything with unicorn .It is super stylish. It is a 9 inch backpack for girls . I like to pack my bags for picnic . It is easy for young kids to carry a mini backpack .Best thing is ,  It is durable. I am going for an overnight trip to a farmhouse . This backpack makes going to anywhere,super- fun for me . It makes me really happy . 
What is inside my Mini backpack?
Sunglasses Pocket tissues Chips Biscuits Chocolates Chewing gums Small toys Small water bottle
Hair pins
Mini puzzle
Sidewalk chalk

What is inside my PICNIC backpack? Now let us see,what is inside my big picnic backpack for a night stay?
Clothes Swimming costume Night wear Towel Slippers Snacks
Small first aid box